Edpuzzle 21st-Century Learning Course

In this course, you’ll learn the next-generation approaches to teaching, including inquiry- and project-based learning, gamification, Socratic seminars, and tech integration. Bring your teaching into the digital age!


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What will you learn?

Module 1:  Technology integration    5 videos, 23 minutes

Gain insight into student learning in the digital age.

Module 2:  Project-based learning    4 videos, 20 minutes

See the value of project-based learning in action and learn how to implement it.

Module 3:  Socratic seminars    4 videos, 20 minutes

Learn how to engage your students with Socratic seminars and foster active participation.

Module 4:  Gamification    4 videos, 13 minutes

Get tips for applying gaming techniques to your classroom to make learning fun!

Module 5:  Inquiry-based learning   4 videos, 13 minutes

Help your students achieve success and generate curiosity through inquiry-based learning.

What will you get?

  •     A certificate of completion (PDF & LinkedIn)
  •     Continued education credit
  •     An exclusive badge
  •     Lifetime access to the course