Edpuzzle Flipped

If you're just getting started using videos in the classroom, this is the course for you!


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What will you learn?

Module 1:  Flipped and blended learning     4 videos, 15 minutes

Get an intro to the video revolution that's bringing schools into the 21st century.

Module 2:  Flipped 101    4 videos, 20 minutes

Is the flipped classroom for me? Do I have to spend a lot of time to make it work? Get your answers here!

Module 3:  Edpuzzle    5 videos, 10 minutes

Learn the ABCs of Edpuzzle and make the flipped classroom work.

Module 4:  Reuse other teachers' videos    4 videos, 8 minutes

Don't reinvent the wheel! Learn a few tricks to save time and get excellent content in seconds.

Module 5:  Create your own videos    3 videos, 15 minutes

If you're interested in creating your own videos, here are a few best practices on how to make it happen!

Module 6:  Before the classroom    3 videos, 5 minutes

How can you use the data Edpuzzle collects to prepare your lessons?

Module 7:  Time in the classroom    4 videos, 7 minutes

What does the flipped classroom look like? Find out what to expect here.

Module 8:  Students, parents, and administrators     5 videos, 10 minutes

Learn how to convince the key stakeholders in your classroom. (Spoiler alert: they love it!)

What will you get?

  •     A certificate of completion (PDF & LinkedIn)
  •     Continued education credit
  •     An exclusive badge
  •     Lifetime access to the course
  •     Get premium discounts & networking opportunities