Self-Paced Classroom Course

Learn to run a classroom where students set their own pace -- with strategies and examples from expert Self-Paced Classroom educators!


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What will you learn?

Introduction     4 minutes

Discover the research-backed Modern Classroom instructional model, and see where self-pacing fits in.

Practice #1:  Must-Do/Should-Do/Aspire-to-Do Lessons    4 minutes

Middle school science teacher Monte Woodard explains how she differentiates assignments to students who move at different paces.

Practice #2:  Progress Tracking    4 minutes

Third grade teacher Susan Bouslough demonstrates how she keeps track of her students’ progress through her units.

Practice #3:  Classroom Organization    3 minutes

Modern Classrooms Project Head of Teaching & Learning (and former high-school History teacher) Kate Gaskill describes how a well-organized classroom facilitates self-paced learning.

Practice #4:  Collaboration    3 minutes

Middle school English teacher and instructional coach Toni Rose Deanon shows how students can work together while learning at their own pace.

Practice #5:  Motivation    3 minutes

High school Math teacher Michael Carr explains how he motivates students at all levels of ability.

Next Steps     2 minutes

Learn what you can do to continue developing a blended, self-paced, mastery-based classroom of your own.

What will you get?

  •     A certificate of completion (PDF & Linkedin)
  •     Continued education credit
  •     An exclusive badge
  •     Free access to The Modern Classrooms Project’s resources, templates, and exemplars.

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