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Support Video Learning with a Solution Designed for Today’s Classroom

As your all-in-one video platform, Edpuzzle enables you to create engaging learning experiences for your students and streamline video use across your school or district.

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Harness the Power of Video to Combat Learning Loss

  • Replace lectures with video to get more class time for student-centered learning.

  • Access ready-to-go, standards-aligned lessons in our Edpuzzle Originals collection.


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Ensure Student Privacy and Security Every Time

  • Stream content that is free of ads, tracking, and other distractions.

  • Reassure parents that students are learning in a safe online environment.


Find, Edit, and Assign Lessons All in One Place

  • Track student results quickly and easily.

  • Standardize video content for all your students.


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Strategically Use Technology to Engage Students

  • Give students autonomy with projects to create their own video lessons.

  • Watch a video as a whole class and spark discussions with Edpuzzle’s Live Mode.


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